Rules for Royal Arena

1. Aim

The aim is to ensure that all events at Royal Arena are well organised and safe and that we maintain a good atmosphere so that everyone can feel welcome and safe before, during and after any event. The rules apply to all events held at Royal Arena.

2. Scope

The rules apply throughout Royal Arena and the area around the arena for all events held at Royal Arena.

3. Rules for visits

Persons are only permitted to be within Royal Arena if they are in possession of a ticket or a pass or in some other way can confirm that they are entitled to be inside the arena. Tickets or admission passes must be presented on request to Royal Arena’s stewards.

Guests must occupy the seat indicated on the ticket. If supervisors or other staff assign seats other than those indicated on the ticket for safety reasons, you are obliged to comply.
Do not act in a manner that could cause nuisance or harm to others, or that may put others at risk. Visitors are required to comply with the current rules and to follow any instructions that may be given over the loudspeaker system at Royal Arena or by Royal Arena’s stewards and staff.

All instructions given by Royal Arena’s stewards must be followed immediately. In the event of a breach of national laws or the arena’s rules, Royal Arena’s stewards may eject visitors from the Royal Arena area.
Visitors who are clearly under the influence of alcohol will not be admitted to Royal Arena.

4. Entrance checks

All visitors are required to show a ticket or other admission pass at the entrance and upon request for closer scrutiny. It may be necessary to provide proof of identity on request.
Royal Arena’s stewards have the right to investigate whether guests present a security risk due to the influence of alcohol or drugs, or whether they are carrying weapons, other dangerous and flammable objects or food and beverages. Such investigation may be undertaken by means of a physical search or using technology, or a combination of the two.

The following, and similar, items are not permitted within Royal Arena:

• Narcotic substances of any kind
• Weapons of any kind (including pepperspray), and objects that could be used as weapons or missiles
• Spray cans containing gas, corrosive or colouring substances
• Prams, bicycles and the like
• All types of bottles, cups, mugs or cans
• Fireworks, flares, Roman candles and other pyrotechnics
• Confetti cannons and paper streamers containing confetti
• Mechanically-operated noise-makers, such as compressor horns
• Food and beverages, including alcoholic drinks of any kind
• Animals
• Laser pointers
• Documents, drawings, flags or symbols of an ideological or advertising nature and/or objects that serve commercial purposes
• Objects or effects such as clothing, banners, or the like on which is printed, written or otherwise visibly expressed racial, political, criminal or any other type of message likely to have a disruptive effect in the arena
• It is also NOT permitted to bring photographic equipment of a professional nature to certain events, such as cameras with removable lenses, video recorders, sound recorders, etc.
All the above items will be refused admission at the entrance and cannot be kept at Royal Arena.
Furthermore, guests are forbidden to do the following or similar at Royal Arena:
• Climb up on or over buildings and facilities where there is no access for visitors
• Wear masks
• Throw objects
• Light fires or let off fireworks, flares or other pyrotechnics
• Sell goods or tickets, distribute printed materials or make collections without prior permission
• Write, paint, stick or hang anything on buildings and billboards
• Bring along or openly carry signs or symbols of a racist or violent nature or which relate to the criminal community.
Individuals who are not in possession of a ticket or valid access pass, or are deemed to be a security risk, will be ejected.
Ejected persons are not entitled to a refund on their ticket.

5. Smoking

Smoking is prohibited everywhere inside Royal Arena.

For certain events, outdoor smoking areas may be arranged. If smoking areas are NOT set up, it will not be possible to leave Royal Arena to smoke.

6. Liability

All access, travel and visits to Royal Arena are at the visitor’s own risk, nor is Royal Arena liable for injuries or damage caused by accidents or actions or omissions on the part of other visitors.
If Royal Arena’s property is subject to vandalism or other behaviour that causes a loss to Royal Arena, Royal Arena reserves the right to hold the relevant person liable for the loss.

7. Violation of the rules

Guests who violate the rules for Royal Arena may be ejected immediately.
If a violation of the rules causes suspicion of a criminal act, the police will be informed accordingly.